Toddler Roll to Side Pony

My little one asked me a little while ago for a side ponytail.  With her hair being so short and thin, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this off.  I have done this style on my oldest all the time but had never thought it would work in my toddlers hair.  But lucky or us it turned out and she loves it.

We started with wet hair then we rolled adding new hair with each roll until it was rolled to the opposite side of her head then we secured it with an elastic.
She likes flowers so we added a flower. 

I am late, I am late....

Today I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, shouting I AM LATE all day. I am even late with my blog, sorry ladies. I hope it will be ready in time though :)
Let me start with one of my weaknesses, HAIR. This time it is hair by Dura. They have reached 1000 members in their group and if you are a group member (joining is free) you get this lovely hair in brown and black.

But there is also a summer gift at Dura...and YAY you can color that hair (like I did in red) Just go to edit -> texture and chose your color.

More hair? OK here it comes: lovely hair called Mia by Sixty Nine and this time HURRAY in red !!!

The top I am wearing with the red hair is a new release by Shitz N Giggles. It comes in many colors and costs 35 L$.
I am wearing another top by SNG with the pants I got at Legal Insanity. They have many group gifts, for guys and girls, and I am showing you all below.
The top by SNG is 50 L$ and comes in many other colors too.

The cute bag is a gift in a hunt for water bottels at Ribbon. Find the water bottles (there are 3 in the main shop and 3 in their second shop) and you get all colors. You have to pay 1 L$ for each bottle though.

The next 2 dresses are gifts by Yesss. OHHH and you the the cute boots with the black & white outfit, as well as the necklace and bracelets. WOW. I love both dresses :)

Urban Girl has a cute outfit for all their group members in group notices. But that is not their only gift, you also get a skin and shape for free AND eyes (not shown) at their 10 L$ store IF you are in their group.

I got some more skins and this time they are by Skintimate.Their group has reached 1000 members and if you are a group member you will get these lovely skins :) Congratulations Skintimate and thank you for this lovely gift.

The last items are from the MHOH (Make Him Over Hunt, find the internnational male sign). The first outfit is hidden in the sign at AoD Designz. You get these baggy shorts and 3 other shorts without the baggy legs AND a great hoody which also can be worn around your waist. Find the sign ladies (and gents).

The next one I found at Back & Writer. A lovely sweater and a shirt, which you can wear separately too. Also a gift in the MHOH.

Last one is by Urban Republic. Pants and a white or black tee and a blue blouse to wear over the tees. Find the international male sign and it is yours:)

Happy shopping ladies !!!

Let me start with Miss & Miss...

Miss & Miss Project is a fashion event where designers offer their products at a value of up to 80L. The products are unique and high quality. They are available for 2 weeks only.
You can get info here
or TP to the Miss & Miss project HERE.
Censored is giving away a lovely gift in this project, this great skin.

I got some more skins today, the first ones are by Baiastice and they are a group gift for members. You can find the group gift in the skin department in a blue box.

The next skins are by Skintimate and they are group gifts too. There is also a 75 L$ skin AND there is an exclusive for members of the LOW group.

Talking about the LOW group, it is so worth to join this group ! Look at the lovely presenst the designers in this group are giving away this week !
You can find ALL items below here.
First one is by Style by Kira and it is also a skin :) This skin is inside the 75 L$ skin shop.

The first one is a lovely dress by Unique clothing.

This one is a gift in the LOW group by Kennedy's Dani.Shoes are included !

And this one is by Mercy Style.Hair and jewelry is included, so are the shoes.

Last one is a lovely gown with hat by Angie.

Cilian'gel has a lovely group gift this July. First you get a cute rowing boat, and then you get 2 great vintage bathing suits. LOVE IT !! Takes 10 L$ to join the group. Check the past group notices to get the gifts :)

The next 2 lovely dresses are by House of Xevion. You can find the first one as a gift in the TOTATF hunt (This one time at the fair) Find the goldfish and the gown is yours :) You have to be fast though, hunt ends soon.

The other dress is the subscribo gift at House of Xevion. Click the large sign next to the dress to subscribe.

These lovely shoes are by Mary Jane shoes and you get the first pair if (the wedges) if you are a member of the MJ group. The other pair is a gift in the group that you can join just below the vendor of the shoes.

This next outfit is a tribute to Amy Winehouse. You can get it at JF's creations  for free.

And this lovely gown is an aniversary gift at Vilady & Co. You have to pay 1 L$ for it though. Congratulation and thank you so much :)

The last shop I went to was Rhetoric. They have 2 great midnight mania boards and they have next to these boards plentry freebies, dollarbies and tenbies. I just bougth the freebies and the dollarbies and left the tenbies there for you to buy :)