Skins :)

Just a little special with some skins ladies. I found a few free skins but also new releases, so take a look and go get what you like :)

These first skins are by Bare Sensual and they are NEW RELEASED skins.
I especially love the Lynx one, but you might like one of the others better. I took pics with the skins on my usual shape so you can see how they change the face. And I do not look like a rabbit with the open mouth on these skins like I do with most open mouth skins:)
And you know what? ALL new releases by Bare Sensual are only 50 L$ !!!

These next skins are by Kako Folies and they come in 3 lip shades but all with different make ups. Kako Folies also included a shape and I am showing you the skin on that shape too, as the designer made the shape especially for this skin. These skins are also a NEW RELEASE, so not free. The skin is called Nicole.

Beautiful Deluxe has a gift at their store, eye lashes, make up and an eye blink. The eye blink is very light though as you can see on the pic.

Mother Goose has so many lucky boards with great skins at their store and also a LOT of 1 L$ skins. They skins are all very light but very well made and they have fun details and it is worth to wait at the Lucky boards as they change fast (3 minutes).


The last day of August...

On the last day of August I received a wonderful gift from Bliss. Bliss send out a GREAT group 2 AMAZING gowns. Thank you so much, I love both of them. Join group and check notices.
Talking about gowns...ladies I went to Syrielles Dream and found the Fashion Forward item. You have to pay 10 L$ for this item but just take a look! WOW another AMAZING gown :)

This lovely vintage dress with the red roses is a 1 L$  group gift at Cleos design. Hmmm lovely :) I feel like I am in the 50th and I want to rock and roll.
Then I went to Ivalde and they have so many great group gifts at their store !! Joining the group is free and below is what I got but there are plenty more group gifts. The cute wooden necklace with bow is a group gift by EnYo.

The next stop for me was The Nerd Project. They have 4 lucky boards (2 are group - joining is free). And YAY look how lucky I was...scarf, shirt, pants and shoes...all by the Nerd Project Lucky Boards :)

Another shop with lucky boards is Awram Vie. I have been standing there till my feet hurt and FINALLY one R showed up...I got the great pants, but they also have a very cute short jacket on the other Lucky Board. I am wearing a dollarbie shirt with these pants by GO! shop. And a cute long vintage necklace by The Bird next door from Marketplace (5 L$)

GO! shop also has 4 lucky chairs and this is what I got there.
The cute Old Lace blouse by GO! shop goes also GREAT with the subscribo skirts by NiNu. I love the colors and the great belt.
These elegant sexy earrings are a new group gift by Crystal line
Last one for today: 2 more items from the lucky boards at Bonne Chance. A lovely light green spring dress and a cute pair of shorts and a top with little flowers on it. Worth to wait for your letter to pop up :)


Sides Back with Braids

Pull her sides back but leave about an inch of hair just above her ears on each side (this is going to be braided) 
Take the 1" hair and make a braid.  Do this on both sides then pull the braids toward the sides back ponytail and secure them overlapping each other with bobbie pins. 

Clothes, more clothes...and yet more clothes.

Let me start with a GREAT outfit by Furore. It is a hunt item believe it or not (for the LOL hunt) and guess what? It made me feel like a movie star, with those special glasses ! No fans, no authographs...I am incognito, please leave me alone?
So hop over to Furore, (hunt starts at September 1st) find the hunt item and feel like a movie star :)
Bare feet are a group gift by Coco.
This very nice outfit for guys and gals is the gift by American Bazaar in the ABBH (American Bazaar Birthday Hunt). WOW find the hunt item ladies and gents and it is yours :)
Congratulations American Bazaar :)

The next shop I went to is Fear Us. They have a cute dollarbie at their store and also a midnight mania board which didn't close'.
Then I visited Snowpaws. They have 2 midnight mania boards and plenty lucky boards. Look below what I got there !!

Next stop was Mimi's choice and I got this great Gizza jacket there. The jeans are an older hunt gift. The tote bag is a group gift by Coco and the shoes are a BabyMonkey design. The cute belly chain is by Alienbear (not free).
The next shoes are from the lucky boards at Babymonkey. And the very cute pink bangles are a group gift by BabyMonkey.

I am wearing the purple boots by Babymonkey with the jacket I got at Upper man. It is a group gift and actually for guys...but hey I am not complaining :)
The hair with hat is a gift by LOC in the liberty group. Join and get this great hear from group notices (just one color). Necklace is an older freebie by Chop Zuey.
Ragdolls has a Midnight mania board with a VERY high target (999) but if it closes you will get a 500 L$ gift card for RagDolls. Next to this midnight mania board is another one with this great dress on it and a lower target :)
The last post: Rush Lush. They have a midnight mania board too, which didn't close even though it only has a 50 target. But on the table are 3 bags with lovely free skins :)