A hairy situation and some lovely gowns

Just starting of with yet again lovely hair from the lucky chair and lucky boards at Alice Project. I am totally addicted....sorry...but I promise you all:  this is really the last time :)

And I found this very cute hair on Marketplace. It is by Raspberry Aristocat and it is called CHAI hair. Comes in all colors.
I also jumped over to Savoir Hair. I have blogged them before, all their hair is free or 1 L$ and they have a hughe choice. Now they added a lot of lucky chairs and a MM board too ! I was so lucky...there was an R on one chair when I landed. Or was I? Look what hair I got...

But then I got  this cute hair. It is a group gift by Lo-Momo. The elegant lemon jewelry set is by Gems & Kisses (not free though). Joining the LO-Momo group is free.
Lo-Momo has some more very nice group gifts, like this lovely top and the GREAT princess dress in teal.

Talking about gowns....I went to Aussie Dutchess and wow they have a GREAT gown on their MM board. AMAZING, very Victorian, comes with shoes and all the jewelry too.
On the floor at Aussie Dutchess is a freebie gown in purple, don't miss it !
Fallen Leaves has a midnight mania board too and if it closes and you have clicked it you will get this lovely gown. Comes with ot without an undershirt.
The next cocktail dress is an opening gift at Finesmith jewelry. They opened a GREAT new store, just take your time to look around and enjoy all the lovely jewelry there ! To get the dress you have to be a group member.
Then I went to Crave. I hadn't been there for a while and I found out they have a great freebie at the moment (no clue how long it is going to be there), lovely belted blue boots.
Crave also has 4 lucky chairs AND a price bomb thing which gave me these dresses (black one comes with shoes).

Last one for today is a new group gift at Dubraska. A lovely skin with pink lipstick.