Winter is coming

And the prediction is that it will be a very cold winter. I just want to hold on to summer or at least fall..and I can with the lovely subscribo gift you get at WhoNose ! Wow this dress just screams SUN !
WhoNose had a lovely fall dress too, for just 10 L$, and it comes with the necklace.
The next dresses are by Barn Owl and they are free. The dress comes in black or beige. Barn Owl also has plenty free Tees at their store and free leggings too.

Then I stood at the 5 lucky boards at Bonne Chance for a while and YAY R came up for the lovely dark green sweater, for the grey leggings and for the cute yellow mini skirt (the last lucky board is group only, but joining is free).
The cute boots are by BabyMonkey, and they are color change so you have all colors in one pack. (not free but very affordable).

Next stop was Gizza, they have a great new group gift ladies and gents (just showing you the ladies one).
Over to American Bazaar on the Vintage Fair. This dress is ever soooo cute, elegant and very sexy. Not free, but a great vintage outfit ! The top is 85 L$ and the skirt is 90 L$.
Shoes by Mary Jane Shoes (former group gift).
To wear with these lovely dresses I found some cute free hair at Analog Dog. On the beach there are 3 balls (all the same content) with GREAT free hair. Analog Dog also has a SALE section so make sure to look there too.

The next  outfit is the gift at LoveCats in the Mens stuff hunt (find a blue tee shirt). Find the hunt item at their store and it is yours (actually a guys outfit...).
LoveCats is also participating in the Twilight Saga hunt. LoveCatz put a male and a female gift inside the hunt item.

I went looking for PeppermintBlue as they had great freebies in the past. I found their stall at the Silk Road sim, where they give away ethnic clothing. Shoes and hair are included.

PeppermintBlue also has a club there and you get the shorts, socks and shoes there. The top is a freebie by Jane.
Last one for today are the lovely earrings by CentoPallini, also at the Silk Road sim. These earrings will set you back 1 L$.