A blog with congratulations and with shoes...

Today I want to start with congratulating BabyMonkey. They have reached 12.000 members in their group and Pixieplumb has put up a GREAT gift for the group members! Lovely color change boots, you can change every part, metal, laces or the boots and thus you can create boots in your own style, matching your outfits. CONGRATULATIONS BabyMonkey and thank you !
I also got the 11.000 member gift, which are bare feet. The anklet is color change with a hud, so is the skintone.
The enrollmentfee to join the Babymonkey is 500 L$ at the moment to avoid people joining just for the great boots. It will be back to 10 L$ enrollmentfee in a few days/weeks.
Another group that has reached 12.000 members is Purple Moon. And they are giving away a lovely gown to their group members and a matching necklace! CONGRATULATIONS Purple Moon and thank you so much for the lovely gifts.
While I was at the Purple Moon store I also got these lovely earrings just while I was there ! Lovely :)
Talking about shoes...Viviane Fashion has a short hunt going on on their SIM. It runs from March 2nd till March 4th.
You have to find lovely spring flowers, each one is 1 L$. But you get GREAT gifts. The ones I found at Viviane Fashion are shown below (the first 5 gifts). The other 5 gifts are in the other shops on the sim.
The last picture: you get white and black sandals with this outfit.
Good Luck ladies !

Then Aidoru released these great Moo clogs. As I am dutch they appeal a lot to me and I think they are fun. It is a new release, so not free.
These elegant boots are by 22769. They are their item for the Black Market and they are 100 L$.
22769 is also taking part in FLUX. This is what they write about it: FLUX is a new themed sales event - the new round starts 1st March and this months topic is taxidermie - so you can expect animal patterns, horns, antlers, hooves and fur.
For the women we created the fancy taxidermie outfit (contains editable mesh parts) with matching reptile boots.

22769 is also offering a skybox for just 10 L$ in honor of the Steampunk hunt at their store (not shown).

Yesterday I blogged the cute shoes Diana DeBrevec is giving away for their group members. And guess what? While I blogged them she changed them! So here are the free shoes for group members (joining is free) and the gift at her store. Thanks again Pulp Faxel for the tip.

These next shoes are a new release by Tokyo Girl. Lovely booties and they have a black or brown sole option. The booties are 180 L$ per pair and come in many colors.
Next shop is Censored. They are having an Animal Hunt at the store and I am showing you the gifts you can find below. Cute shoes, pants, a top/dress in cow print, a bag and a sexy outfit. You are looking for PAWprints, 5 items in the Censored shop and 5 at Chandelle.

Last one for today is GraffitiWear. They changed their Midnight Mania board gift, their Lucky letter gift and their Unlucky dip gift!

GraffitiWear is also participating in the White Day Market. They have this cute Gatcha thingie with white flip flops at the White Day Market where you can try your luck for just 15 L$ or you can buy these crazy flipflops for 30 L$.