It doesn't happen every day that you get to name a beautiful design...

Vita's Boudoir has beautiful designs. Not very cheap, but they are to die for ! In the Boudoir group there are often "Name this outfit" contests and for 10 minutes every group member can shout names in chat. Then Vita picks a name and if it was you who called that name you get the outfit for free!
And guess what? This time I was the lucky one and named the outfit "I left my heart in Paris". You can see it below, and you can buy it at Vita's Boudoir. Thank you so much Vita !
The shoes are Femme by N-Core (not free)
Then I got this elegant lovely gown as a 13.000 member gift by Purple Moon. I blogged the lovely jewelry that goes with this gown before, it was send out in the Purple Moon group. Congratulations Purple Moon !!
The next dress is a subscribo gift by Hucci Design and it is a lovely mesh dress.
Over to some more hunting. The Runway Perfect hunt (TRPH) is still running till the end of April and you can still get those lovely gifts if you find the ticket below in the patricipating stores !
The HINT PAGE can be very helpfull !

I found the ticket at Jazzy's Design and they have this great gown including the hat and jewelry hidden inside their ticket of the Runway Perfect hunt !!
And Paris Metro is also paricipating in this great hunt. They give you a lovely purple gown and a male outfit (pants and tee shirt) if yu find the ticket at their store.

Another participant in this hunt is ALaFolie and they have a lovely mesh dress hidden inside their ticket to the runway. You just have to find it at the store :)
Aleida has this super yellow dress hidden as a gift in the Runway Perfect hunt. It is a lovely dress to wear in summer ladies, so go hunting !
Aleida also has a gift for the guys...a cute tee and hat.

Some more hats for guys and gals can be found inside the ticket at Xen's Hats. The female hats are color change with a hud and they have a flower which you can add, color, or just leave off.

I also went to Evolve and got this cute pink outfit after I found the ticket at their store. I styled it with the lovely bag that Azoury has hidden inside their runway perfect tocket!
The next shop was Curious Kitties and they have this great spring outfit with flowers and butterflies for you as a gift in this hunt ! Find the ticket and it is yours !
Over to Sheep door. Hop over to their store if you like this great mesh hoodie ladies and find the ticket.
Angel Dessous has a lovely lingerie set for you ladies. It is a beauty, so well made ! And the only thing you have to do is find the ticket at their store!
Another shop that has lovely lingerie is Carries Lingerie. I especially love the back side!
They are also a participant in this hunt so you can get this great set by finding their ticket.
I found quite a lot of POSES in this hunt and even though I don't blog poses much (I USE them all the time for my pics though) I will blog them this time. These first poses are the hunt gift from the Runway Perfect hunt at Morgaine Batista.
And these poses are by PNP (Poses n Props) and they are the PNP gift in the Runway perfect hunt. So find the Runway ticket and you can use those lovely poses too!
Another shop that has great poses is WetCat. They give you a hughe pack of poses if you can find the ticket at their store!

Last one for today is Morphine Poses. They also have put some GREAT poses inside the ticket of the Runway Perfect hunt ! So if you want these...go hunting !