Sunday morning...

OK today I am going to reveal a sectret. I am going to show you what I look like on sunday mornings. I got up, put a dress and apron on to bake some cake for my friends who will stop by later. Don't be scared...
This outfit is a gift in the FashionCentric hunt at OOTT (Out Of The Trunk). There is also a male version. Find the orange triangle with the hand on it and you will look like this too!
By the way: the included animation with the rolling pin is soooo much fun !!!
I  slipped into something more comfortable after all the baking, to have breakfast and this is a gift at Frozen Panties. It is their hunt gift :) Cute pants and 2 sweaters !
I had breakfast and decided to work a bit in the garden, after I took the rolers out og my hair. The outfit by French BonBon (you gotta love the name of this store) is perfect for working in the garden. I am wearing the clogs by Loordes of London with this outfit. Both, the outfit and the clogs, are gifts in the FashionCentric hunt.

Then I went to my wardrobe to see what I could wear when my friends would arrive for coffee and cake. I put on the gift in the FashionCentric hunt by BlahBlahBlah. A great pair of white jeans and a sexy corset top.
BlahBlahBlah also has a lucky board at the store and I was so lucky to win this cute dress !
Then I put on a summer dress to go to church. This lovely dress is the hunt gift in the FashionCentric hunt by Red Dahlia Boutique. The hat, rose, eggs basket and shoes are included. You only have to find the hunt tiem !
If you are wondering what I am weaing UNDER this dress...this lovely lingerie is a gift at Red Dahlia Boutique.
You can also wear this summer dress to church, which is the hunt gift by Camilla's. A lovely white dress with flowers on it. Find the FashionCentric hunt item and it is yours.
After church my friends were coming over for coffee and cake (and maybe some drinks) so I wanted to slip into something more comfartable. I wasn't really satisfied withthe white jeans and corset top, so I tried on this outfit by Abia Capalini. Find the FashionCentric hunt item at their store and it is yours.
Maybe this outfit is better to have coffee with my friends? It is the hunt item at Ramel's Design, you just have to look for an orange triangle with a hand on it to get it.
Or I could go for this outfit which is the FashionCentric hunt gift at Marcel's Beautiful World. Cute capri pants and a batik shirt.
In the end I decided to wear my boyfriends shirt, which is a hunt gift in the FashionCentric hunt at Fierce design and my LoPo jeans (also a gift in the Fashioncentric hunt) and I found my clutch bag at Azoury inside the orange triangle from the hunt.
After having coffee, cake and some drinks my friends and me wanted to go clubbing. I showed them what I found at Pirate arts ! This cute #1 top and the leopart leggings and the very sexy red shoes are alla gift in the FashionCentric hunt !
My friends dived into my wardrobe and found this outfit to wear for me. It is the FashionCentric hunt item at Inga Wind ! The cute booties are included. The leather jacket is MESH.
I thought it was too pink to go clubbing and I showed them my more sexy outfit which I found in the hunt item from the FashionCentric hunt at SLC. Cap is included.
My friends thought it was too sexy to go clubbing I tried to satisfy them by wearing the outfit (shirt, skirt and boots) which I found at Image Reflections. It was hidden inside the orange triangle with a hand on it from the FashionCentric hunt.
In the end we all decided I should wear the short and sexy dress Sassy has hidden inside their FashionCentric hunt item.
While I was at Sassy I found another hunt item: a viking helmet. It is the hunt item from the EBH hunt.
And Sassy has a lucky chair at the store and YAY I was lucky TWICE !!!