Almost weekend and what better to do than some free shopping?

A few days ago I went to Bee Make and found out they have a lot of great free group gifts (joining is free) and they also have 2 lucky boards, one with elegant black sandals on it the other with a kiss tattoo which scatters hearts around you. I was so lucky: R showed up. So here is what I got for free at Bee Make ladies !

Then I went to Eternal Darkness and clicked their Midnight Mania board. There was this GREAT skin on it, a fatpack with loads of make up, a shape and even eyes were included (not shown). So get all your friends over and click, it is sooo worth it !! The gifts on the Midnight Mania board change, so you have to wait till the skin and shape is on it again.

Eternal Darkness also has a pack with 3 free jeans next to the Midnight Mania board and I am wearing those cute jeans with beautiful hair by Tameless. The hair is the hunt gift in the Show me your Style hunt at Tameless and you have to pay 1 L$ for it IF you can find the clock face (which is the hunt item) at Tameless. You can wear the hair short or with the plaited attachement.
The sexy hooded jacket I am wearing on these pictures is also a gift in the Show me your Style hunt (find the clock face at the store) at Legal Insanity. Also 1 L$ for this item ladies, all gifts in this hunt are 1 L$. 

The next outfit is also a hunt item in the Show me your Style hunt. It is your if you can find the clock face at DAR design and if you pay 1 L$ for it !

And these shoes are by Anymore and they are called Circus Shoes. They are hidden inside the clock face from the Show me your style hunt and again you have to pay 1 L$ to get them.
The next shoes are by BabyMonkey and they are called Ultimate Sonata. I got them from the lucky boards at BabyMonkey !

These elegant boot are also from the lucky boards at BabyMonkey. They are called Swan Boots Coffee and the metal and laces are color change with a hud.
And I was so lucky to get the beautiful Emily boots too from the lucky boards and also the great Ul;timate Kitty shoes. See below.

Over to the NSSH hunt (find a golden sun). BabyMonkey is participating in this hunt and if you find the hunt item there you get these great Vegas shoes in gold !
I found a big box with free clothes at Insatible Fashion and wow...they are amazing !So if youa re still looking for a nice summer outfit, this will cover it all.
Mischief has these sexy bikini's in a greedy pack in their lucky board and I was so lucky to get them !
Mischief also has these free brest cancer awareness shirts (and nipple covers) at their store, Find them on the counter.
Last one for today is the sexy dress I got from the lucky chair at Sassy.