Whatever makes me happy

If you visit my blog regularly you already know that I love skins. And shoes. And hair. And jewelry. OK I admit a lot makes me happy.But the blog today is mainly about skins, and I hope you are a skin addict like me. Because than you will have a blast today! Let me start with the beautiful Anna skin by WoW skins.It was on offer at Siria's Fashion room last time, but you can still get it at the WoW mainstore. NOT free though.
The next skin is also by WoW skins and this beauty is called Anais. It comes in several skintones, and with lots of make ups. This is the tan version. 350 L$ per skin.
The next skin is by Al Vulo and the skin is called Tabata. It is their August group gift.
And JeSyLiLo has some GREAT group gifts too! Like this OlegDou Pierot skin.
Or this OlegDou Valentin skin with the beautiful peacock tattoo. The tattoo is in the skin so you cannot take it off.
This skin is called Asin and it is also a group gift at JeSyLiLo.
Another Asin skin is the gift by JeSyLiLo at the Vanity Fair. You have to be fast though, the fair is closing.
The last group gift skin by JeSyLiLo is this beautiful summer skin.
I am wearing the JeSyLiLo summer skin with the Midnight Mania board gift by Sakide. These great bathing suits are yours if you get all your friends over to click and make that board close!
Sakide has another great gift on their Midnight Mania boards, this cute belt skirt with 2 types of leggings (white and black). The top is not included, it is a new release by Viviane Fashion.
With the belt skirt I am wearing lovely tops which are a new release by Viviane Fashion. The tops come in 4 colors and they are just 25 L$ each.

Another great outfit is this elegant Blossom outfit by NS. WOW I love this mesh dress, it is so sexy and elegant. I styled it with the Leia hair by Edelstore (free, blogged yesterday) and a lovely clutch from my inventory. The shoes are included and the whole dress with the shoes is just 50 L$.
Back to the skins ladies. Modish has this great new group gift, the Murra skins. You get a very light and a very dark version each with 2 cleavage options.
I am wearing the Murra skin with the beautiful lace cape which is a new group gift at Bliss. Again you have to be FAST because this is the last day you can get it !!
Tammie told me about Milady jewelry. I blogged their jewelry a long time ago when I found it on Marketplace. But they have some great lucky boards and a few gifts at the store. You can find those GIFTS also on Marketplace. But for the Lucky boards you really have to go to the store. Thanks Tammie for this great hint !! I got the lovely Tevere ring and an amalgam male necklace from the lucky boards.
If you like darker skins Amacci has a great one for you. The skin is called Mirelle ebony. It is their newest group gift and joining is free.
Another great skin is the Mojo skin which is free for group members. Joining is free.
And this skin is by Gallant and it is the hunt gift in the Pink Ribbon fair hunt. You have to find a pink ribbon at the store to get this lovely skin.
This Ego skin is by EgoXentrikax and it is one of their group gifts. Joining the group is free. The other group gift is the cute outfit I am wearing with this skin.

Last one for today are the skins I got from the lucky chairs at Tempestuous. They are called Nancy skins and you get 2 different ones, each with 2 cleavage options.
And these skins are called Naomi and they are also from the Lucky boards.
This Kelly skin is a gift at the store.
And this is the free July gift at the store. The shape is included. You can find all gifts and the Lucky boards HERE at Tempestuous.