It's all about hair...

Today a blog which mainly contains hair ladies. I am a hair addict, which might be the reason to blog a lot of hair. But then again I am a skin addict, a jewelry addict, a shoe addict and...oh well today mainly hair.
Let me start with the great hair I found at Elikatira. They are having a hughe sale with a 75% discount. And this lovely updo called Rumor is just 66 L$ for a red pack...but there is so much hair for sale, you really should take a look yourself. The beautiful necklace and earrings are by Lazuri and it is called Shahi. Not free but a GREAT set because the metal, stones, pearls and gems ar color change so it will go perfectly with all your lovely gowns.

Then I went to Alli & Ali and they have changed their group and voting gifts. They always change on Friday so ladies do not wait too long to get the lovely gifts! You can find them at the Alli & Ali MAINSTORE.

Another speciality only available until next Friday, as Alli & Ali was invited to present at October's Trending Fashion Chamber, a new braided hairstyle in exclusive colors called Katniss.
And the next harstyles are gifts by Alli & Ali in their MARKETPLACE store. They are only there for a limited amount of time so don't wait too long to get them!
Over to WOW skins. They have released 2 GREAT new skins ladies. The beautiful Haifa skin comes with elegant make up and in beautiful skin tones.
And the Tanita skin is just as beautiful. And why am I showing you these lovely WOW skins? Because I was wearing the Tanita skin while taking the next pictures with Hinako hair! The skins are really perfect to wear!
So now I am going to show you the Hinako offers. Hinako is taking part in the Acid Lily event and nothing there is over 70 L$. You can find the hairs below there and the lovely Lolita dress too!
This hair is called Eva B.
This hair is called Una Penna and I am wearing it with the Lolita dress, which is 1 L$. The hairstyles are 70 L%.

This hair is called Mamyu.
And this one is called Leilani. The hair band is color and texture change.
The lovely HARLEY hair is the newest release by Hinako hair, but the whit/pink version is ontheir LUCKY BOARD, so you can get it there too.

The last one is Lokelani and this hair is also a new releas (NOT free). You can find it at Hinako Hair. However the red version is the newest group gift by Hinako hair.
Then I found lovely hair in the Finding Fabfree hunt. You have to find a #5 in this hunt and if you can find it at Vanity Hair this lovely hairdo is yours !