It's all about the shoes....

Well it is. Each outfit you wear deserves a great pair of shoes don't you think? And guess what? I found quite a lot of shoes today...
My friend Grace Selene told me about a birthday pary at Prim & Pixels. They are celebrating and the customers are getting the gifts! Congratulations Prim & Pixels and thank you for the lovely gifts! And thank you Grace for this great tip.

If you are curious now what I got there...look below. What you are looking for is giftwrapped presents. Each item next to those presents is free and wearable, even if it says DEMO. Lots of shoes, boots and wedges. But also a great bikini, a leather jacket, a bandana top, a belt and a lovely mesh dress (which is 1 L$). And for the guys a Hawaiian shirt.
Some of the shoes and boots come with a hud to change the colors or to mix & match the colors. The necklace I am wearing is no longer available (shop closed).



Prim & Pixels had a beautiful birthday gift outfit at the store for a few days, but it expired just after I got it. However this outfit will be released for sale on Friday. So if you like it you can get it at the store in several colors (New release, not free).
Another shop that has great shoes is Loordes of London. These elegant boots are a new release, so NOT free. They are called Janis boots Herringbone.
BabyMonkey, one of my favorite stores, has a new group gift. Very nice pink worker boots wit socks. They come in pink but you can change the color from light to dark with a hud. The laces, metal parts and socks are also colorchange!
BabyMonkey has new lucky boards too, so now there are no less than 24 at the store! I got these legant boots from the lucky baords. I hope you have more luck than i had !
DUH! sells shoes too and I clicked their subscribo to see what is inside. WOW...a lot of group gifts girls, so if you are on the subscribo list just check past notices and get all those lovely boots and shoes. With the pink slip ons you also get 2 very cute bags (not shown).


Then I stood at the lucky chair at Lindy shoes for a while. I was so lucky to get these great flats! My friend Kayt was much luckier than I was and she was so generous to give me another 3 pairs of shoes from the Lucky Chair at Lindy's. Thanks Kayt, you're the best!

On the other side of the street at Lindy is another shoe shop called [M] shoes. They have a lucky board and I got these great sandals from it.