A little bit Designer Circle, some hair, some shoes, some Halloween...

So actually this will be one of my common blogs with a little bit of everything, no style, no theme...just some goodies.
Some days are just hard to make a great blog. And somehow I lost the pleasure of blogging a bit at the moment. Still I found some real nice things for you, like this very cute free Halloween outfit at NS. Nany Soulstar gave me it (thank you so much!) and it is such a great outfit to wear on Halloween ladies. The shoes are included.
The lovely hair is by Tameless (Delilah, not free) and the skin is Mei by WoW skins (milk tone, not free).
Another store that has a free Halloween outfit as a group gift is Ashmoot. They have this fun short dress for their group members. The outfit is called Trick or treat.
And you could decide to hop over to Shoenique and stand at their lucky board for a while till your letter comes up and you will get these great Halloween shoes !!
The next shoes are from a Midnight Mania board, and you can find it at Neko Shoes, boots and fantasy. They have plenty Midnight Mania boards and lucky chairs and freebies upstairs. The gifts change frequently so maybe these shoes won't be there anymore, but I am sure there will be other great gifts you like.
On the Midnight Mania board at BabyMonkey are these shoes, lovely high heeled sandals in silver. The metal is color change. They are called Vegas silver.
Then I got the great new group gifts by BabyMonkey. Pixie has put up some great Daisy boots called Tabitha as a group gift. The boots, laces and soles are color change with a hud. Just showing you a few possibilities.
And this lovely Dolphin set is also a group gift by BabyMonkey! The metal is color change with a hud so you can adjust it to all your lovely outfits!
Thank you so much Pixie for these gifts. The lovely skin I am wearing is Delia by WoW skins (not free).
Over to some more shoes. Viviane Fashion has released new sneakers for Fall and they are just stunning. They are NEW so NOT free, but very affordable.
Then I went to Isis Boutique and they have thse great Bellis ballet shoes. One pair is free.
I found some really cute make up to wear with yesterdays skins at Eyelure ladies. The set of 4 is called Naturals - lips cheeks eyes. And as the name says you get 4 natural make up layers for just 50 L$.
Or you can decide to go for the cute Cupcake tattoo on your lower back, also available at Eyelure for 50 L$.
Just because today is the LAST DAY to get the lovely birthday gifts by Chop Zuey I will put them here again (I blogged a few of them before). The earrings, rings and bangles are free, no group needed but ONLY TODAY.
Over to Hinako Hair. They have this great mesh dress and the funny rabbit hair called Quentessa at the XY room for just 99 L$ per item.
And Hinako Hair has this cute Big Ribbon hair in all colors on the great Gatcha Festival for just 39 L$ per try! The ribbon is color and texture change.

Hinako Hair is also participating in the Boho Festival and they have this great hippie hair in all colors at this fair. This fair atarts on October 15th so it is not there YET!! I will give you the right landmark after it started.
Over to the Designer Circle. I explained yesterday what this is, so I am not going to explain it again. I am just going to show you what great offers great designers from Second Life have at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$ or less.
You can get this elegant this elegant cocktail dress by E-clipse at the Designer Circle ladies, remember: everything there is just 100 L$ or less!
Or you can get this sweet Fall outfit by Gorgeous at the Designer Circle.
This sweet Silence Ruby dress by Lola Creations is also available at the Designer Circle.
And the last one for today is this  Seaside Thoughts outfit, which is very sexy. And who else can have put it up at the Designer Circle than Barely Legal?