Almost weeklend and what better to do than go shopping?

Almost weekend and what better to do than to go shopping in Second Life lades? How about going to Sascha's Design and get their newest 60 L$ offers? You can get these lovely Alexa tops, pack of 3 for 60 L$ or the matching Alexa pants, also a pack of 3 for 60 L$. The lovely booties called Julie and they are by Decoy (not free).

Today is the last day for the Designer Circle, as they close on Saturday October 13th. Not close forever, but to give the desingers a chance to put up new offers for the next round of the Designer Circle, which will start sometime next week! You can get all offers at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ or less, so they have a lot of great bargains. Like this lovely evening gown by Mu-Shi-Doll.
Or you can get these elegant tops at the Designer circle. They are by P.I.X.X.I.S. You can get a yellow feather one or a blue feather one. P.I.X.X.I.S. also has a necklace-in-mouth offer at the Designer Circle for just 1 L$.
Don't wait too long ladies, after Saturday October 13th the offers will be gone and the shop will be closed for a few days while new offers will be put in the store.

Over to Aidoru. Jara has released a beautiful new necklace called Orange Ethnic Dream and you can purchase it at her store for just 120 L$ for the time being!
22769 is participating in the Runway Perfect hunt and in the Case of praying Mary hunt. They have some great gifts in these hunts and it is really worth it to go find the hunt items at the 22769 store. The lovely green scarf is the hunt gift in the Runway Perfect hunt, the pants and top are the gift in the Case of praying Mary hunt. The tote bag is a group gift by Coco, the necklace is called Star and is by SaDalBari design. The lovely shoes are by Mayden Couture and will be blogged below.

22769 also have created some real special outfits for the Cinema Event. This event runs from October 13th till October 31st and you can find it HERE. The outfits will be available in the 22769 mainstore after the event. They created a great Cobra Queen outfit and the Cobra to wear, and a free make up is available to complete this gown.
There is also a Camu outfit created, a camu teal top and camu pants. You can wear the Heroin top with the Camu pants too. The elegant necklace is an offer at the Designer Circle by Pink Cherry (called Fall necklace, not free) and the bag is by Priss (not free). The boots are by Lu and they are called Charly Boots warm (you get 3 colors, colors change by touch. NOT free)

Over to the lovely shoes by Mayden Couture. I am wearing them with one of the outfits above and they are a group gift by Mayden Couture. You can join the group for free and you will get another great group gift too: excellent boots!
If you add Mayden Couture to your profile pics and you come back after about 48 hours you will get some great bare feet too!

I got some great poses by Amato some time ago and I wanted to see if they had more. But to my surprise the shop has another name no, Mochi Mochi. They did have some free poses, but they also had some great freebies. Let me show you their new free poses first. They are called JoJo poses.
And this lovely skirt, the lace stockings and the cute shoes are also freebies at Mochi Mochi.
I found these cute shorts at Mochi Mochi too, and the lace stockings and the shoes. The bag and jewelry are freebies by Izumiya.
Mochi Mochi has a Dimbula Rose lucky board outside and I got this cute dress there.
This cute hair is from the lucky boards at Neco, so is the flower booby deco. They have many lucky chairs and many Midnight Mania boards to click, so get your friends in to get those freebies!
Last one for today is the blouse and hair Hinako Hair has at the Fairy Closet. All offers at the Fairy Closet are below 100 L$ so you can grab this beautiful hair or the lovely top for a very low price!