Don't we all love Halloween?

Actually in Europe, where I live, Halloween is not celebrated at all. It is an unknown event here, even though lately (maybe due to internet) we have a little Halloween here too, but mainly in shops. So we can only guess how it is celebrated and what it means to those who celebrate it. However I got some great Halloween stuff for you ladies! What about the great Halloween group gift by Purple Moon? It is such an amazing outfit with fire playing all around you....stunning is the word that comes to mind! Thank you so much Poulet!

To wear with this stunning outfit you can get some great Halloween skins and make-up at Nuuna's. I got most of it for free, some are 1 L$.

Then I found another Halloween skin, this time at JeSyLiLo and it is their newest group gift. I also picked up some older group gifts there, more great skins !

The next skin is also a group gift, by Filthy. A lovely skin called Maria and you get no less than 4 skintones AND a shape!
Over to Diamond Avatar. They have a new released skin called Roxanne and I am showing you the FAIR version with make up #5. The skin is a new release so NOT free!
I went back to the Designer Circle ladies just because they have so many great offers for 100 L$ or less! What about this beautiful make up by Eyelure? You can get the pack of 4 sweet blushes or the sexy eyelashes with shadow at the Designer Circle for just 70 L$ per package!
 And you can also get this very cute skull top by Sugar & Cyanide at the Designer Circle for just 1 L$ !
Sugar & Cyanide also have this elegant fall poncho at the Designer Circle and this is just 60 L$.
Or if you are expecting rain in could grab this elegant trench coat by Sugar & Cyanide at the Designer Circle ladies. For 100 L$ you will stay dry this fall :)
Then I got these sexy jeans by Boho Hobo. They are MESH jeans and they are brandnew NOT free (180 L$). But they are perfect jeans and they come in great colors too! I am wearing My Boyfriends shirt with these jeans and that is one of the group gifts at Airflow. The beautiful necklace you have seen em wearing that one before. It is by Lazuri and on sale for the time being for just 150 L$. The necklace is color change and it is called Queen of Hearts.

Airflow has some more great group gifts and the best thing is: Joining the group is FREE! There are also male group gifts. But these ones below are for the girls ...jeans in a pirate and a capri version, striped shirts in several colors and a lovely boho hippie dress. The bare feet are a group gift by Mayden Couture (the group is 20 L$ to join).