The usual Mix

After being away for a week a lot of goodies kept lingering in my inventory. I am trying to show them all to you at once. Not a good idea?  You are so right ! But I have to share these goodies with you all! Today I am going to start with a lovely set of bikini's which are perfect for those last warm fall days. They are a gift from the lucky board at Bast!a and you get 3 great colors.

Then I noticed that I forgot a few group gifts by Airflow. I blogged them yesterday HERE and somehow half of the gifts stayed in my inventory. So here goes: the rest of the Airflow group gifts (joining the group is free). You get the cute pants in a capri and a pirate version, a lovely warm fall sweater, a soft leather jacket and some vests with hoody or fur hoody. The warm scarfs and the summer scarfs are also a group gift. If you are asking where I got those great shoes: they are by the Slave Dressing room and they are a new release. They come in many lovely colors and textures! The shoes are 100 L$ for the whole package.

Over to Kastle Rock. They have 2 lucky chairs with lovely gowns and a midnight mania board with a new very cute outfit. The outfit is called Mon Cherie, and the bag, hat and boots are included. Both gowns below are from the lucky chairs.
The lovely jewelry I am wearing is the Noor set by Lazuri. It is a new release, so NOT free! But the metal and gems are color change and you can adjust this set to all your outfits or gowns! I simply love it.

Then I went to the Designer Circle. The close after Saturday October 13th to put up new goodies for us ladies, so if you like anything I blog from the Designer Circle, don't wait too long to get it or it will be gone!! Let me start with Kennedy's. They have this great Cherry outfit (including the shoes, the cherry mouthy, bangles, necklace and the clutch) at the Designer Circle. All items are 100 L$ or less at the Designer Circle, so really a bargain ladies!
Kennedy's also has 2 lovely leather jackets in black or white at the Designer Circle.

Another designer with great offers at the Designer Circle is Liv Glam. They have a great outfit for just 1 L$ at the Designer Circle which is called Blue Porchers outfit. And they have a lovely shirt dress called Every Day Koffie in a beautiful lavender color at the Designer Circle. Last offer by Liv Glam at the Designer Circle is the fun Hallie Ruffle dress, perfect for your parties ladies.

The last one for today is Ilaya. They have 2 great sets of poses at the Designer Circle. One is called Crawl poses, the other one is called Femme poses and both are lovely.