A Halloween hunt and lots of freebies

Today one of my readers contacted me and it was so nice to hear how she appreciated my blog :) Thank you so much Lynn, you made my day!
And even though I am having the flu at the moment I will try and make an interesting blog for all my readers. Let me start with the mini pumpkin hunt at Sascha's Design. You have to find 9 pumpkins at the store and each one contains a part of this lovely gown below. I am showing you just one skirt option, but you get a lot more to chose from. There is a hint list available and support will also help you with (extra) hints, so it should be a piece of cake!
Over to The White Armory. There was a lovely dress send out in their group a few days ago, a perfect black MESH gown. The gown is called Breakfast at Tiffany's. I love it! I styled it with the lovely SHAHI jewelry set by Lazuri. This set is NOT free, but the metal and pearls, beads an gems are color change so you can adjust it to all your gowns! I have been playing around a bit so you can see a few of the options.
The next outfit is a new release by Paris Metro. You can get it at their MAINSTORE and it is a perfect winter outfit! I love the colors and texture. The sweet boots are by Decoy (NOT free).
Oh you are aksing: How about the promised freebies? Well here goes. Thes elovely dresses are free at B! Fashion. They are on each side of the door and you get a fall and a summer outfit.

And M*Motion has this lovely freebie at their store. A sweet ruffled dress. They also have a gift if you place their store in your profile pics. You get this great black & white jogging set including the shoes! The last pic shows a cute short jeans skirt and that is what I got from their (group) lucky boards, joining the group is free.

Over to Marketplace. I love to stroll along Marketplace and pick up goodies from the designers like Annalee Ballut or others. I found out that Annalee Ballut has some great wearable dem's on Marketplace, like this cute yellow balloon dress called MAUDE.
Or this very elegant dress called Lola. This dress comes in a package with a sweet sweater called Zola. You can find LOLA & ZOLA here.
And how about these fun harem pants? They are called LEILAH.
This lovely bikini set is also a wearable demo by Annalee Ballut. It is called Indiana.
Another great MESH outfit by Annalee Ballut is this very elegant brown coat (also a wearable demo) and this one is called ANTJE.
The shoes I am wearing with the coat above are also from Matketplace and they are by DUH!. The shoes are called Dolly pumps Brown.
I found some more wearable demo's and these are by ShuShu. They have these great wearable demo of their Cat's Rhythm booties (mesh).
And ShuShu also has a wearable demo of their Trent Long Boots.
These fun capri pants ShuShu are also a wearable demo. They are called Good Morning!
Over to Kakia, they have this lovely MESH dress on Marketplace for free! The fun red shoes are included (yes I blogged it in black before).
Last one for today is an outfit I could not resist because I love the name. The outfit is called Not a Princess and it is by 13 Design. You have to pay 1 L$ for this fun outfit.